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Noun1.ion pump - a vacuum pump that removes gas by ionizing the atoms or molecules and adsorbing them on a metal surface
air pump, vacuum pump - a pump that moves air in or out of something
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[4-10] Several other risk factors are the reason for the development of cataract in which one is found to be the serum sodium levels in the cataract patients lens which has the ion pump mechanism is not only applicable for the lens matter but is also related to the serum or plasma level of serum sodium and serum potassium i.e, normal lens has the Na+-K+ ATPase pump which keeps the ion in balance.[11-12] Hence increase in serum sodium and decrease in serum potassium level can lead to cataract formation.
The drug is delivered to the affected region of the brain by a neural probe incorporating a tiny ion pump and electrodes to monitor neural activity.
Alternatively, inserting an inhibitory ion pump into the GABAergic neurons allowed the researchers to turn off the activity of these neurons through laser stimulation.
This ion pump is also involved in the development and progression of some types of cancer, so it is an interesting target for cancer therapeutics.
The pump is compact, about 20 times smaller and lighter than a sputter ion pump of similar performance.
If the vacuum chamber is not capable of doing this, then a small auxiliary ion pump can be used to provide this "hard zero" when necessary.
An integral vac ion pump ensures good vacuum conditions, good performance and a long lifespan.
To this basic cellular structure the UC scientists added an ion pump, a biological device that pumps charged atoms of calcium, potassium, and other elements into and out of the cell.
The ion pump's technology was, however, nearly identical to that used in similar pumps today.
The device responds in this way because the lipid bi-layer incorporates a protein that, when exposed to ATP, acts as an ion pump, shuttling sodium and potassium ions across the membrane.