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Tenders are invited for Gamma ion pump controller and safeconn hv cables with end connectors
Alternatively, inserting an inhibitory ion pump into the GABAergic neurons allowed the researchers to turn off the activity of these neurons through laser stimulation.
This ion pump is also involved in the development and progression of some types of cancer, so it is an interesting target for cancer therapeutics.
The pump is compact, about 20 times smaller and lighter than a sputter ion pump of similar performance.
If the vacuum chamber is not capable of doing this, then a small auxiliary ion pump can be used to provide this "hard zero" when necessary.
Then they added a solution of adenosine tri-phosphate, or ATP, which fuels the ion pump.
An integral vac ion pump ensures good vacuum conditions, good performance and a long lifespan.
Conversely, a shortage of nourishment or oxygen in the brain causes ATP formation to cease and the ion pump to close down, ending all nerve impulses and rapidly resulting in unconsciousness.
Sources Sought: Provision of 4UHV Ion Pump Controller
The device responds in this way because the lipid bi-layer incorporates a protein that, when exposed to ATP, acts as an ion pump, shuttling sodium and potassium ions across the membrane.