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Noun1.ionisation - the condition of being dissociated into ions (as by heat or radiation or chemical reaction or electrical discharge); "the ionization of a gas"
condition, status - a state at a particular time; "a condition (or state) of disrepair"; "the current status of the arms negotiations"
2.ionisation - the process of ionizing; the formation of ions by separating atoms or molecules or radicals or by adding or subtracting electrons from atoms by strong electric fields in a gas
natural action, natural process, action, activity - a process existing in or produced by nature (rather than by the intent of human beings); "the action of natural forces"; "volcanic activity"
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Mark Engelenburg, CEO of the Netherlands-based company ATECA, says copper-silver ionisation is the best technique in preventing Legionella outbreak and other bacteria.
Subject of this procurement is a high-resolution time-of using chemical ionisation (high-resolution time-of-flight mass spectrometer chemical ionization, HRToF-CIMS).
8,269,181) for its original semiconductor detector used in high precision measuring of coordinates and detection of ionisation particles, from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
The precise quantity of foodstuffs subject to ionisation in the European Union cannot be calculated for 2004.
WITH choice of chrome or white finish, this ionisation alarm is one of the simplest from EI Electronics' range.
Rez (11) published a number of K shell ionisation cross sections based on hydrogenic wavefunctions, and L and M cross sections based on Hartree-Slater wavefunctions.