ionizing radiation

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i·on·iz·ing radiation

High-energy radiation capable of producing ionization in substances through which it passes. It includes nonparticulate radiation, such as x-rays, and radiation produced by energetic charged particles, such as alpha and beta rays, and by neutrons, as from a nuclear reaction.
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ionizing radiation

(General Physics) electromagnetic or corpuscular radiation that is able to cause ionization
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i′onizing radia′tion

any radiation, as a stream of alpha particles or x-rays, that produces ionization as it passes through a medium.
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Noun1.ionizing radiation - high-energy radiation capable of producing ionization in substances through which it passes
alpha radiation, alpha ray - the radiation of alpha particles during radioactive decay
beta radiation, beta ray, electron radiation - radiation of beta particles during radioactive decay
cosmic ray - highly penetrating ionizing radiation of extraterrestrial origin; consisting chiefly of protons and alpha particles; collision with atmospheric particles results in rays and particles of many kinds
neutron radiation - radiation of neutrons (as by a neutron bomb)
radiation - energy that is radiated or transmitted in the form of rays or waves or particles
roentgen ray, X ray, X-radiation, X-ray - electromagnetic radiation of short wavelength produced when high-speed electrons strike a solid target
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ionizující záření
ioniserende stråling

ion·iz·ing ra·di·a·tion

n. radiación por ionización.
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Other types of advanced medical imaging are radiography, angiography/fluoroscopy and nuclear medicine, all of which involve ionizing radiation, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which does not.
In this study, authors hypothesized that the medical exposure to low doses of ionizing radiation would contribute to cell injury or activation initiated by a loss of phospholipid asymmetry and MP vesiculation.
(5) RP emphasizes the safe and controlled use of ionizing radiation, and its use for any radiological procedure for medical diagnosis should be kept as low as reasonably achievable.
Electrical and information engineers explore the effects of ionizing radiation on modern semiconductor devices and solutions for hardening the devices.
* Ionizing radiation interactions with cells and organs.
In addition, regular consumption of blueberries or blueberry extract enhances DNA repair, which may help reverse some of the genetic damage inflicted by ionizing radiation.
Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is the most common skin cancer worldwide, but relatively few dermatology papers have assessed the effect of ionizing radiation on the incidence of BCC, said Dr.
However, RF energy, unlike ionizing radiation, does not cause DNA damage in cells, and it has not been found to cause cancer in animals or to enhance the cancer-causing effects of known chemical carcinogens in animals.
Researchers typically differentiate between the effects of ionizing radiation (such as far-ultraviolet, Xray and gamma ray) and non ionizing radiation (including visible light, microwave and radio).
Ionizing radiation can quickly fry electronic circuits, so heavy shielding must be used on robots such as those sent to help contain the meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant after Japan's catastrophic 2011 earthquake and tsunami.
In ARS applications, CLT-008 is intended to provide hematopoietic cellular support after exposure to ionizing radiation from a nuclear weapon or from a nuclear accident.