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The use of an electric current to transport an ionized substance, especially a drug, through the skin.

[From Greek ion, iont-, something that goes; see ion + -phoresis.]

i·on′to·pho·ret′ic (-rĕt′ĭk) adj.


(Medicine) med relating to iontophoresis
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EyeGate reported positive top-line data from a prior Phase 1b/2a trial assessing iontophoretic EGP-437 in the treatment of ocular inflammation and pain in post-surgical cataract patients.
Structural modifications and tissue response after standard epi-off and iontophoretic corneal crosslinking with different irradiation procedures.
THE FOOD AND DRUG Administration is evaluating patient reports of serious burns and potential permanent scarring that have occurred with the use of the Zecuity patch (sumatriptan iontophoretic transdermal system) to relieve migraine headaches.
The acquisition also meets our objective of expanding our development focus and building a diversified portfolio of ocular therapeutic assets led by EGP-437 and our iontophoretic delivery technology," commented Stephen From, President and Chief Executive Officer of Eyegate Pharmaceuticals.
The researchers now plan to develop an iontophoretic device to use specifically in the mouth and do some preclinical trials with the system.
Fentanyl HCl Patient-Controlled Iontophoretic Transdermal System for Pain: Pharmacology The Annals of Pharmacotherapy
US physical rehabilitation medical products supplier North Coast Medical Inc said it had acquired local transdermal iontophoretic devices maker ActivaTek Inc.
Treatment of hyperhidrosis by a battery-operated iontophoretic device.
1977) Local reactivation of Triton-extracted flagella by iontophoretic application of ATP.
Additionally, although most of the studies attempt to induce vasodilatation at the intended site of capillary puncture, their methods vary from different ways of warming the skin (2,10-12,14,17,19,20) to vasodilatatory creams and iontophoretic techniques.
The topics are percutaneous absorption and enhancement strategies, experimental methods and tools for transdermal delivery by physical enhancement methods, microporation-mediated transdermal drug delivery, iontophoretic intradermal and transdermal drug delivery, skin electroporation and its applications, sonophoresis, selecting the optimal enhancement method for a specific drug molecule, the transdermal delivery of peptides and proteins, transcutaneous immunization by physical methods, and the commercial development of devices and projects.