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 (ĭp′ĭ-kăk′) also ip·e·cac·u·an·ha (ĭp′ĭ-kăk′yo͞o-ăn′ə)
a. A low-growing tropical American shrub (Psychotria ipecacuanha syn. Cephaelis ipecacuanha) having roots and rhizomes that yield emetine.
b. The dried roots and rhizomes of this shrub.
2. A medicinal preparation made from the dried roots and rhizomes of this shrub that is used to induce vomiting, particularly in cases of poisoning and drug overdose.

[Short for Portuguese ipecacuanha, from Tupí ipekaaguéne : ipeh, low + kaâ, leaves + guéne, vomit.]
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(ˌɪpɪˌkækjʊˈænə) or


1. (Plants) a low-growing South American rubiaceous shrub, Cephaelis ipecacuanha
2. (Pharmacology) a drug prepared from the dried roots of this plant, used as a purgative and emetic
[C18: from Portuguese, from Tupi ipekaaguéne, from ipeh low + kaa leaves + guéne vomit]
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[ˌɪpɪkækjʊˈænə] Nipecacuana f
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