ipse dixit

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ip·se dix·it

 (ĭp′sē dĭk′sĭt)
An unsupported assertion, usually by a person of standing; a dictum.

[From Latin ipse dīxit, he himself said (it) : ipse, he himself + dīxit, third person sing. perfect tense of dīcere, to say.]
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ipse dixit

(ˈɪpseɪ ˈdɪksɪt)
(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) an arbitrary and unsupported assertion
[C16, literally: he himself said it]
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ip•se dix•it

(ˈɪp si ˈdɪk sɪt)

an assertion without proof.
[1565–75; < Latin: he himself said it, translation of Greek autòs épha a phrase attributed to the Pythagoreans, in citing Pythagoras' authority]
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ipse dixit

A Latin phrase meaning he himself said it, used to mean an unsupported assertion.
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Noun1.ipse dixit - an unsupported dogmatic assertion
assertion, asseveration, averment - a declaration that is made emphatically (as if no supporting evidence were necessary)
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References in classic literature ?
To avoid, therefore, all imputation of laying down a rule for posterity, founded only on the authority of ipse dixit --for which, to say the truth, we have not the profoundest veneration--we shall here waive the privilege above contended for, and proceed to lay before the reader the reasons which have induced us to intersperse these several digressive essays in the course of this work.
"The reliefs claimed cannot in any manner be granted on the mere ipse dixit of the petitioner which in itself is inconclusive and is not based on clear-cut facts," the affidavit read.
There is no guess work involved or mere ipse dixit (an assertion without proof) of the officer," the authority said.
The prosecution department moved the petition through Additional Prosecutor General Abdul Samad, saying that Mudassir was killed in a fake encounter and ipse dixit of Riaz Abbas, Station House Officer of Kasur's Sadar Police Station, was false.
For all of his anecdotes, Frank's claim that it is rests on nothing more than his ipse dixit. The same technological change that allows some to get exceptionally wealthy is also making markets open to far more people than ever before: publishing, for example.
It is, no doubt, scandalous when the judiciary goes outside of the Constitution to strike down laws based on penumbras, the mystery of life, personal preference, or as the late-Justice Antonin Scalia would say, plain old ipse dixit.
Perhaps the best-written Madison book of all, Drew McCoy's The Last of the Fathers: James Madison and the Republican Legacy, applied this same mode of argument--a Madisonian ipse dixit is to be accepted without question--in lieu of proof regarding the chief point at issue therein: that Madison, in retirement, correctly contrasted the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions of 1798 and 1799 and Virginia Report of 1800 to the South Carolina Nullifiers' argument of 1832-33.
But Christus Health's lawyers argue that the appellate judges behind that ruling "improperly based their conclusions that a decedent is not a patient and that an autopsy is not a form of medical treatment on nothing more than their mere ipse dixit"- a legal term meaning an arbitrary "say-so."
A Constitution Bench by a majority of 3:2 held that "in the absence of the relevant material, much less due verification, the report of the Governor has to be treated as the personal ipse dixit (perception or opinion) of the Governor.