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Located on or affecting the same side of the body.

[Alteration of Latin ipse, self + lateral.]

ip′si·lat′er·al·ly adv.
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(Medicine) on or affecting the same side of the body
[C20: irregularly formed from Latin ipse self + lateral]
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(ˌɪp səˈlæt ər əl)

pertaining to, situated on, or affecting the same side of the body.
[1905–10; < Latin ipsi- comb. form of ipse itself, the very one + lateral]
ip`si•lat′er•al•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.ipsilateral - on or relating to the same side (of the body)
contralateral - on or relating to the opposite side (of the body)
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a. ipsilateral, ipsolateral, que afecta el mismo lado del cuerpo.
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The numbers of NeuN-positive cells in the ipsilateral cortex and the CA1 and CA3 regions of the ipsilateral hippocampus were significantly decreased 48 h after TBI, and this process could be significantly reversed when pretreated with FGF2 (P < 0.05, Figures 2(c) and 2(d)).
Student t-test was performed to compare data between ipsilateral and contralateral testes within the same group.
In the ipsilateral region, expression of the NT-3 dimer decreased at the time point of postinfarct day 9, while enhanced immunoreactivities were observed on postinfarct day 23 (p = 0.027).
Ademas, contamos con ecografia doppler el cual permite medir de manera directa y fiable el flujo fistular en la arteria humeral ipsilateral a la FAV.
Latencies of I, III, and V were recorded on ipsilateral and contralateral sides.
About 10 years ago, a person asked me after a medical myth lecture I had given if I had any information on whether avoiding blood pressure readings in the ipsilateral arm in breast cancer patients was a myth.
(5) We report a case of penile fracture with delayed, albeit typical presentation and two ipsilateral corporal tears.
We present a case of an adult woman who presented with hyperparathyroidism and ipsilateral thyroid hemiagenesis.
This syndrome is characterized by uterus didelphys with blind hemi vagina and ipsilateral renal agenesis.