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Where Abodunde's tone is irenical towards other forms of Christianity, since his storyline is of a continuous work of the Spirit which culminates in Pentecostalism, Olayiwola is highly polemical towards all forms of Islam that fall short of the Salafist ideal of 'rightly guided' religious unity: the historically Muslim Hausa kingdoms overthrown by Usman dan Fodio, the Sufi religious orders with their millions of members, Ahmadiyya--all come under the anathema of takfir.
Young has interesting treatments of irenical, ecumenical elements, and even humility in some later sonnets (231-32).
This third way--represented by an irenical group of German Catholics and Protestants known as Ut Omnes Unum--suggested the possibility of an ecumenization of the German national idea or an inter-confessional notion of German national identity.
His approach is very irenical. He shows how Orthodox thought is capable of both contributing insights to others and welcoming them in turn.
It is a method of inquiry, irenical and ecumenical, uniting all who submit to its discipline in a search for truth (such "truth" as any science can afford, that is), whose destination cannot be known in advance.
Thus the character of the readers addressed would minister to fairness of treatment in matters of controversy, and could scarcely fail to secure the production of works decidedly irenical in spirit.