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SARGODHA -- A large number of professional beggars moving freely on roads, parks, markets and other public places irking people in the city.
People have been warned to take precautionary measures beforehand to avoid heat wave.On the other hand, various areas in the metropolis are facing unannounced power cuts, which is also irking the locals as they said that their routine work is getting affected due to this energy crisis.
Islamabad -- Islamabad Electricity Supply Company (IESCO) has failed to control load shedding during Iftar and Sehri times irking the masses.
The bootylicious pop diva is set for a government-approved gig at the Red Sea resort of Port Ghalib, irking Muslim Brotherhood member Hamdi Hassan, who slammed the government for allowing a singer "who appears naked in her clips" to perform, which he said would spread vice.
Plastics, like those from discarded report cover sheets, winding up in the mix have been irking some mill buyers, especially in the Midwest, a source says.
The hard hit residents further explaining their agony told reporter that mostly all pet start barking regularly especially at night irking the residents.
ISLAMABAD -- Auto workshops operating in residential areas of the federal capital are irking residents of the nearby areas.