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Chairman of the Indonesia Iron and Steel Industry Association (IISIA) Irvan K.
While discussing matters related to the iron and steel industry of Pakistan, it was noted that this sector was presently performing below its capacity, despite the immense potential due to acute load shedding of electricity and gas which have badly hampered the entire Iron and Steel Industry that it held in the process of construction and infrastructure development activities.
$1.7 million) for a 50% interest, is designed to create a platform upon which to develop and grow the IT application business for the iron and steel industry. The joint venture will bring together the strengths of both companies: Camelot's brand, talent, technology, and management expertise, alongside Wuhan Iron and Steel's industry expertise and market knowledge.
The iron and steel industry faces a tough challenge in the first quarter due to the global financial crisis.
A national, nonprofit organization consisting of China's steel enterprises, institutions, societies and individual, in the iron and steel industry.
The new monthly title has a controlled circulation of 11,000 North American iron and steel industry executives, including corporate presidents/ceos, engineering managers, IT directors, buyers, plant managers, research managers, project manager and metallurgists.
One of the more promising developments of the historiography of the 1980s and 1990s is a strong commitment of young historians in particular towards a genuinely comparative history between nation states.(1) Thomas Welskopp's fine study of workplace and industrial relations in the American and German iron and steel industry demonstrates the merits of such an approach.
As the iron and steel industry in both countries was concentrated in certain geographical locations, it makes sense that Welskopp concentrates on a comparison between Pennsylvania and the Ruhr.
ISLAMABAD, 27 April, 2009 (Balochistan Times) -- First Iron and Steel Conference to highlight the issues in Iron and Steel Industry and develop a joint strategy for the future will be held in Lahore on Wednesday.