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Noun1.iron heel - an instrument of torture that is used to heat or crush the foot and leg
instrument of torture - an instrument of punishment designed and used to inflict torture on the condemned person
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The Iron Heel (well named) we feel descending upon and crushing mankind.
And in passing we note that that historic phrase, the Iron Heel, originated in Ernest Everhard's mind.
But it were ridiculous to assert that the Iron Heel was a necessary stepping- stone.
Nor even then, as the Everhard Manuscript well shows, was any permanence attributed to the Iron Heel.
It is quite clear that she intended the Manuscript for immediate publication, as soon as the Iron Heel was overthrown, so that her husband, so recently dead, should receive full credit for all that he had ventured and accomplished.
Undoubtedly she was executed by the Mercenaries; and, as is well known, no record of such executions was kept by the Iron Heel.
If he was left alive till I came, I'd grind his skull under the iron heel of my boot into as many grains as there are hairs upon his head.
Tis my fate to be always ground into the mire under the iron heel of oppression.
A dozen of them smashed together and tumbled to the ground, and seeing his success Jim kicked again and again, charging into the vegetable crowd, knocking them in all directions and sending the others scattering to escape his iron heels.
The hotel we live in belonged to one of those great orders of knights of the Cross in the times of the Crusades, and its mailed sentinels once kept watch and ward in its massive turrets and woke the echoes of these halls and corridors with their iron heels.
Perhaps it was because of the Facebook controversy over the "martial law thingy" and the denial of the damage wrought on the country and on our people, that the only things that Mitzi asked me to bring were books on martial law so that her family, but especially her children, would remember (or find out) what it was like living under the iron heel of the Marcoses.
If Germany were to rule and be allowed to dictate to the civilised world, the freedom of the world which England loved so much and desired that all other nations should enjoy equally with them would be trampled under the iron heel of the German Empire.