n. Informal.
a person who pumps iron; weightlifter.
i′ron-pump`ing, adj., n.
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And when the seven-foot iron-pumper pinned me up against the fish freezer and I explained I was paying homage to my daughter's fluffy sausage dog, Willy, who we love to stroke, he was fine.
But when that other iron-pumper Hercules killed a cattle-killing lion his reward was the 50, count 'em, 50 daughters of Thespius, the cattle-owner.
She is a regular iron-pumper in the village gymnasium and full-blooded tennis player, and in planning another series of her tutorials for later this year in the art of riding side-saddle, she draws immense pleasure from passing on her knowledge to youngsters.
Shutters on the Beach, for instance, is apparently a favourite lunch spot of our soon-to-be panto star Pamela Anderson, while Muscle Beach with its extrovert iron-pumpers is an awe-inspiring spectacle.
As she continued, I wondered about how I might address this trio of iron-pumpers.
Today, iron-pumpers and Reebok-thumpers range in age from 10 to 90 and beyond, and former 98-pound weaklings can be found kicking up sand during daily workouts along the beach.