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iron fist

Rigorous or despotic control: ruled the nation with an iron fist.

i′ron·fist′ed (ī′ərn-fĭs′tĭd) adj.


stingy or niggardlycruel and unyielding


(ˈaɪ ərnˈfɪs tɪd)

ruthless and tyrannical.
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The same Xi Jinping who has elevated his intolerant and ironfisted rule to a cult of personality not seen since Chairman Mao.
The government's undemocratic action ignited resistance from students, activists, and politicians, already angry with Park's longtime ironfisted rule (Cumings 2005).
Greece, but also Spain and Portugal have to understand," the German tabloid Bild stated, "that hard work--meaning ironfisted money-saving--comes before the siesta.
Economic pressures and political discontent pushed the youth in Arab countries towards protest and demonstrations against long established ironfisted regimes.
He tells the Amazons about the Great War with the Germans, whose forces are marshalled by ironfisted General Erich Ludendorff (Danny Huston).
Selda chair Marie Hilao-Enriquez called on the public to be vigilant against the police and military abuses, as she criticized the President for heaping praise on Marcoses' ironfisted rule that claimed the lives of around 3,000 activists, students, academicians, writers, artists, labor and community leaders.
As they arrive at a motel, Star encounters the business' ironfisted boss, Krystal (Riley Keough), who only retains youngsters that sell subscriptions by peddling fake sob stories.
Reporting that portion of Kennedy's speech turned the scene from a cold exercise in ironfisted political might--the senator's colleagues understood the price of opposing him--to one of pudding-soft Dickensian sentimentality.
More than once, he calls to mind the most stalwart of English character types, the ironfisted and slyly clever nanny who commands her charges to do their duty to King and country--or in this case, to the theatergoers who've stayed in their seats despite the air raid sirens that warn of German attacks.
For the uninitiated, the VVS is a bizarre world in which it is acceptable to hate an entire religion (Islam) if done in the name of patriotism, Christians are unable to practice their faith because of "persecution" by liberals, Planned Parenthood is unravelling the very fabric of society and President Barack Obama is, alternately, an ironfisted near-dictator or a feckless incompetent.
The protests of 2011 had raised hopes of democratic reform after more than three decades of ironfisted rule by Saleh.
An ironfisted policy is in practice and death is being used to discipline the Kashmiris," he said and appealed to the Kashmiri Diaspora to raise a unified and collective voice for the rights of Kashmiris.