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iron hand

Rigorous or despotic control.

i′ron·hand′ed (ī′ərn-hăn′dĭd) adj.
i′ron·hand′ed·ness n.


controlling or ruling harshly or despotically
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Compared to the COA's moderate stance, Yunlin County Government is more ironhanded by acting early to totally ban the practice of using kitchen leftovers as pig feed in the county at the end of last year, Economic Daily News reported.
However, the allegations that policemen played a role in creating violence has raised suspicions on whether the administration fuelled the violence to justify its ironhanded action to quell the protest that had acquired the 'Tamil pride' flavour.
For example, mano de hierro 'hand of iron = ironhanded' and mano fuerte 'hand strong = demand and severity' have the semantic molecule +attitude.