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(ˈaɪənˌmʌŋɡəz) ,



ironmonger's shop

(Commerce) Brit a shop where articles for the house and garden such as tools, nails, and pans are sold


[ˈaɪərnmʌŋgərz] ironmonger [ˈaɪərnmʌŋgər] ironmonger's shop (British) nquincaillerie f
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Puffer' Pexton was Harold Pexton, owner of the Blacksmiths, Wheelwrights and ironmongers shop and petrol pumps across the road from the Spangled Bull pub in Kirkheaton.
Other shops in the same parade included Hintons the grocers, Wilsons, Doggart's, Masterman and Pickersgill the ironmongers shop.
Down to the bottom and up the exit ramp towards Prince of Wales Lane and Jones the ironmongers shop.
After returning from the war, Dennis and his wife Millie set up their own ironmongers shop which they ran for many years.
I haven't had much luck with the big DIY outlets yet, but every small DIY or ironmongers shop that I visited is happy to put them on their shelves.
Then, of course, there were the characters - Wright Shink, rag and bone man, Joe Collins daddy biker, Mr Kaye fire engine driver - his ironmongers shop sold almost any thing.
One of the main streets, Mandale Road boasted a post office, a Town Hall, a cinema known as Queen's Cinema, three banks, Reynold's ironmongers shop and Pumphrey's Jam and Icing Sugar factory among other features.