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One that makes iron articles; a blacksmith.


a blacksmith


(ˈaɪ ərnˌsmɪθ)

a worker in iron; blacksmith.
[before 1150]
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She was joined by son, James, 11, and friends Bruce Ironsmith and Chris Schofield as they went from Newburn to St Peter's Basin.
She was joined by her 11-year-old son, James, and friends Bruce Ironsmith and Chris Schofield as they went from Newburn to St Peter's Basin.
Students active in service-learning gain a further understanding and appreciation of their field of study and their community while achieving a sense of "civic responsibility" (Eppler, Ironsmith, Dingle, & Errickson, 2011).
Service-learning has been found to be associated with a host of positive outcomes, including greater sensitivity and empathy (Bernacki & Jaeger, 2008; Wilson, 2001); increased commitments to social justice (Eppler, Ironsmith, Dingle, & Erickson, 2011; Fenzel & Dean, 2011; Simons, Blank, Fehr, Barnes, Georganas, & Manapuram, 2012); improved cultural competence or multicultural skills (Einfeld & Collins, 2008; Meaney, Bohler, Kopf, Hernandez, & Scott, 2008); and stereotype reduction (Conner, 2010a; Meaney et al.
Last year, Mohammad Akhlaq, a 52-year old ironsmith and father of a young Indian Air Force engineer was dragged out of his home and beaten to death by a mob in Dadri, barely 30 km from the seat of power in Delhi, accusing him of eating beef.
Johnson C, Ironsmith M, Snow C, Poteat G, 2000, Peer acceptance and social adjustment in preschool and kindergarten.
The lynching and murder of an ironsmith, Mohammed Akhlaq, in a village at the edge of our national capital has shattered our faith in the spirit of tolerance that is the core of our robust democracy.
Today, we get it made specifically by the local ironsmith.
Now human beings are dependent on one another as mentioned earlier, but the time of need of a person does not often coincide with the time of need of another person, as in the case of a carpenter who may be in need of an ironsmith but could not find one (at that particular time).
In this period two factors intensified the migration from villages to cities: the unemployment of some villagers due to the changes in traditional structure of villages, thus the possibility of livelihood of some rural population who were in direct relation with serfdom system and constitute significant percentage of settlers of the village disappeared, and also other groups such as, carpenters, ironsmith, cowherds, gardeners, and etc.
A Pakistani ironsmith said that he was carrying out some work in a building around 2pm when he spotted the accused moving agitatedly down an opposite building.
To train 100 articians and ironsmith technicians through 8 training regarding new technology for making smokeless stoves in initial quarter of the project.