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In Cypher's she belonged--in the bacon smoke, the cabbage perfume, the grand, Wagnerian chorus of hurled ironstone china and rattling casters.
But most people said the hut, which is set into the hill, was most likely used as a gunpowder store for explosives to blast the ironstone from Belmont Ironstone Mine.
Much of their ironstone was designed to appeal to the United States' sense of history, patriotism and love of British china.
Ironstone Lodi Old Vine Zinfandel 2015 (PS11.59 -13.99, Amazon, Laytons Fine Wines, Hailsham Cellars, Last Drop Wines) This Zinfandel, known in Italy as Primitivo, is quite simply one of the best value wines I've drunk this year (along with the South African Tawny below) and is one that I picked out as a great potential partner for the prepare-in-advance dish we're serving up this year: beef casserole.
HAD a friend in my early days of collecting who was obsessed with amassing as much Mason's Patent Ironstone as he could find.
Nevertheless, in many soils of the humid tropics, gravels are chiefly composed of ironstone or petroplinthite, which are pedogenic by definition.
The next instalment of the site-specific light-works project is on Sunday in a drift mine at the Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum in Skinningrove.
The next instalment of the site-specific lightworks project is on Sunday in a drift mine at the Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum in Skinningrove.
Alberta, Canada, Sep 18, 2013 - (ABN Newswire) - Ironstone Resources Ltd., a private Alberta-based minerals exploration and development company, is focused on commercial development of its iron and vanadium polymetallic deposit in Clear Hills, Alberta, situated approximately 500kms northwest of Edmonton.
Miller Argent's research has unearthed treasures from more than 200 years of the site's history - including the complete excavation of the earliest ironstone pit head complex yet to be discovered in Wales and the excavation of an early mining settlement.
Prismatic Powders also launched product videos featuring their Splatter, Ironstone, and Sandstone line of powders.