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Iron utensils and other products made of iron.


domestic articles made of iron


(ˈaɪ ərnˌwɛər)

articles of iron, as pots, kettles, or tools; hardware.
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Noun1.ironware - instrumentalities (tools or implements) made of metalironware - instrumentalities (tools or implements) made of metal
instrumentation, instrumentality - an artifact (or system of artifacts) that is instrumental in accomplishing some end
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Lastly, the quantity of ironware that we use is so large that an agricultural implement and tool-maker has removed into the town, and is very well satisfied with the result.
The sources further said that the terrorists intended to take out electrical cables, ironware materials and copper cables from the destroyed building to sell them in black market.
The remaining works were unique ironware tables in a similar gothic style, each laden with individually crafted glassware pieces in the form of foodstuffs.
In addition, the Group also possesses an ironware parts division, communication facilities and other businesses.
Meanwhile, Israel announced Monday that it would allow Gaza to export ironware, furniture and textiles to Israel, for the first time since 2007.
These works processed cast iron by harnessing the power of the river via nine water wheels to drive machinery that produced wrought iron in the form of rods, bars and plates, from which ironware items were hand-forged in the cottage industry workshops at Winlaton Mill.
I own a small collection (40 to 50 pieces) of ironware, which isn't much when you consider how much is really out there.
On this evening, the table was set with colorful 19th-century English ironware.
Quimper is famous for its fance pottery with bold designs, and is also well known for its ironware, copper and bronze work.
He exported ironware to Dublin, imported Caribbean rum into Wolverhampton, invested in canals and other stock, made astute loans and steadily turned himself into one of the most respected businessmen in the Black Country.
Mineral water, foodstuffs, detergents, fresh and dried fruits, edible oil, cooler, carpet and moquette, home appliances, ironware, confections, aquatics and construction materials are among the main Iranian goods exported to Iraq.
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