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The Ironwood tree is unsurpassed in terms of its blushing reds, pinks, plums and yellow tones that it takes on in autumn, but its wide-spreading shape is a bit greedy for space.
BLUSHING BEAUTIES Above, wide-spreading Ironwood tree with its seasonal tones; below left, Sargent's cherry aflame; below right, Euonymus alatus, aka burning bush
The ironwood tree, (Eusideroxyionzwageri), in Benuaq is teluyatn, colloquially also belian, but the wood is called ulin.
Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black return The Spiderwick Chronicles to a new chapter with Book 4, The Ironwood Tree (0689859392, $9.95).
The pool swirls around a desert ironwood tree, wrapping it in a ribbon of aquamarine water.
This interpretive trail highlights the ironwood tree (Ostrya virginiana), which occurs naturally in this area, at the most northerly limit of its distribution.
The Arizona Sonora Desert Museum has had a long-standing interest in the wellbeing of the desert ironwood tree. This legume, the only species in its genus, has no close relatives.
email: The smaller Acers, Cotoneaster, Cytisus battendieri (the pine apple tree), Liquidamber, Salix alba, and Parrotia persica (the ironwood tree) are excellent vehicles for bright red, orange and yellow climbing roses such as Maigold, and the red Parkdirector Riggers.
The black ironwood tree has wood so dense that it can't float on water.
If I was asked to choose three species from among the larger trees renowned for their tints, at the top of my list would be the Persian ironwood tree, parrotia persica.
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