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1. A construction worker who builds steel structures.
2. One who is employed in an ironworks.
3. One who makes iron articles.


1. (Commerce) a person who works in an ironworks
2. (Commerce) a person who makes articles of iron


(ˈaɪ ərnˌwɜr kər)

1. a worker in iron.
2. a person employed in an ironworks.
3. a person who works with structural steel.
i′ron•work`ing, n.
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Noun1.ironworker - a person who makes articles of ironironworker - a person who makes articles of iron
maker, shaper - a person who makes things
puddler - a worker who turns pig iron into wrought iron by puddling
References in classic literature ?
Whereupon the carpenters, structural ironworkers and teamsters walked out; and Billy, lacking train fare, spent the rest of the day in walking home.
On Monday, union ironworkers with Carr Construction placed the final structural steel beam atop the roof level as a crowd watched from the street below.
Iron Workers Local 86 announced that 31-year-old Andrew Yoder was one of two ironworkers killed in the crane accident.
Two of the dead were ironworkers who had been inside the crane while the other two were inside cars, said fire department spokesman Lance Garland.
The Triangle comes crashing down THE historic ironworkers' cottages at The Triangle, Merthyr, were bulldozed to the ground in just a few hours today.
I came from a union family; Laborers, Teamsters; Ironworkers, but I don't think you can really understand Labor until you are entrenched in it.
CRV was contracted to erect a steel framework, which requires ironworkers, and install precast concrete planks, which requires ironworkers or concrete laborers, depending on the specific task.
Mayrhofer says membership numbers are actually up at Ironworkers Local 8 in Milwaukee, where he serves as the business manager.<br />About 970 people now belong to the local.
The company's products include metalworking and woodworking machinery, vises and clamps, ironworkers, lifting systems, air and hand tools and related parts and accessories.
But ironworkers never think about the risks while they're working.
It manufactures industrial ironworkers, hydraulic accessory tools, ironworker tooling, punches and dies, and specialty tools, including the innovative, portable, hydraulic Edwards Strut Pro.