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Sending forth radiant light.

[Latin irradiāns, irradiant-, present participle of irradiāre, to shine forth; see irradiate.]

ir·ra′di·ance, ir·ra′di·an·cy n.


(ɪˈreɪdɪəns) or


(General Physics) the radiant flux incident on unit area of a surface. It is measured in watts per square metre. Symbol: Ee Also called: irradiation Compare illuminance


(ɪˈreɪ di əns)

also irradiation

incident flux of radiant energy per unit area.
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To love thou blam'st me not, for love thou saist Leads up to Heav'n, is both the way and guide; Bear with me then, if lawful what I ask; Love not the heav'nly Spirits, and how thir Love Express they, by looks onely, or do they mix Irradiance, virtual or immediate touch?
Locus Energy, a company that develops web-based asset management software for renewable energy systems, is planning to launch Virtual Irradiance, a patent pending software service, providing highly accurate estimates of historical and real-time solar irradiance across North America.
Designed for single-pass, narrow format applications, the Excelerate FC-200 Series delivers an irradiance of more than 8.
These investigations have normally been based on apparent optical properties: reflectance and diffuse attenuation coefficient ('apparent' means that the properties depend on the directional distribution of incoming radiation in addition to the properties of the medium itself), which are obtained from irradiance measurements.
The Total Irradiance Monitor (TIM), which is located on the opposite side of the spacecraft, facing the sun, will measure the intensity of solar radiation at the top of Earth's atmosphere.
The dataset has been rigorously validated and includes hourly values for Global Horizontal Irradiance (GHI), Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI) and Diffuse Horizontal Irradiance (DHI).
Utilizing the latest in UV LED technology, this spot curing system provides a peak irradiance of 9,500 mW/[cm.
In cases the processes of interest occur on a longer time-scale, it is common to ignore diurnal variations and use mean daily photosynthetically available irradiance (PAR) to force models of primary producers.
Taking solar UV irradiance measurements in real-world underwater environments is hampered by cumbersome spectroradiometric and radiometric measurement equipment, poor instrument response with changes in depth, and unpredictable changes in water quality and transparency as a result of both natural and anthropogenic activity.
Since (the year in which global data on temperature was first complete enough to build a credible baseline), solar irradiance and global temperature data has been compiled.