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Sending forth radiant light.

[Latin irradiāns, irradiant-, present participle of irradiāre, to shine forth; see irradiate.]

ir·ra′di·ance, ir·ra′di·an·cy n.


radiating light; shining brightly


(ɪˈreɪ di ənt)

irradiating; shining.
[1520–30; < Latin]
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Giving off or reflecting light readily or in large amounts:
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Un forum qui s'est erige, selon le Souverain, en [beaucoup moins que]un centre qui rassemble des participants issus de divers horizons et originaires des quatre coins de la planete ; un centre qui accueille des intervenants de haut niveau, mobilises autour de themes lies certes a l'Afrique, mais irradiant tous les continents, grace a l'emergence d'idees, de synergies et d'opportunites de cooperation[beaucoup plus grand que].
He is the alleged author of Irradiant and No Heaven for Gunga Din.
LAHORE -- The City Traffic Police Tuesday replaced fused bulbs of back lights of 450 motorcycles and pasted irradiant stickers on them during an awareness campaign.
Two series of higher turbidities that are typical for natural, inland reservoirs were measured with more irradiant power (i.e.
The plants are located in Lazio, Sicily and Puglia, all of which are among the most irradiant regions in Europe.
Some paint colors included in this palette are Lost Love (PPG 1047-2), Ancestral (PPG 10474), Irradiant Iris (PPG1171-3), Spruce Shade (PPG 1136-5), Sahara Sun (PPG 1064-6) and Carob Chip (PPG1047-7).
(1), [] value of PV module is directly proportional to G (W/[m.sub.2]) which is irradiant intensity.
But it's the trench imagery itself that's the primary attraction here, and it proves more than worth the wait: not the irradiant, "Avatar"-like flora and fauna of higher ocean depths, but rather a vast, cosmic nothingness that suggests a world where time has yet to begin.