irrational hostility

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Noun1.irrational hostility - extreme prejudice
bias, prejudice, preconception - a partiality that prevents objective consideration of an issue or situation
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The Minister said reporters should not in any way be an object for irrational hostility whenever they perform their professional duty.
Encouragingly, his criticisms of Obama lack the ferocious, irrational hostility that marks out Republican ideologues; and his views do not extend to the dogmatic and unreasoning faith, expressed by the Tea Party faction, in the power of tax cuts rejuvenate the economy.
"Unfortunately, practical and rhetorical actions by the PBM community have increasingly ignored, and treated with irrational hostility, the vital importance of the patient-pharmacist relationship," the groups stated.
Finally, there seems to be an almost irrational hostility toward belief on the part of unbelievers.
He talks about the depression engendered by a static situation and the irrational hostility toward his wife: "I didn't kill her.