irrational impulse

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Noun1.irrational impulse - a strong spontaneous and irrational motivation; "his first impulse was to denounce them"; "the urge to find out got him into trouble"
irrational motive - a motivation that is inconsistent with reason or logic
compulsion, irresistible impulse - an urge to do or say something that might be better left undone or unsaid; "he felt a compulsion to babble on about the accident"
References in classic literature ?
But the truth being that he was my best protector and friend, and did me more good than all the masters put together, an irrational impulse seized me to pick him up, or go down with him.
But instead of hurrying ahead, I felt an irrational impulse to listen to the man.
Woolf's novel suggests that an irrational impulse must be incorporated into the formal arrangement of the genre that reflects an evolving and modernist subjectivity.
It's as if they think some irrational impulse this weekend led almost one third of the electorate to vote for the National Front (FN) in regional polls.
Goodwin certainly wouldn't have been the first one forced to admit that an irrational impulse had caused him to do something he later regretted.
Yet that irrational impulse is not choiceworthy, since the plot has been laid to destroy the suitors the next day, and if Odysseus were to act now he would be exposed and the plot would fail.
Do not yield to some wild, irrational impulse to venture out of your house, even for an instant.
This may result in you waking up in the hour before the dawn with an irrational impulse to get married.
Indeed, the behavior of guests and staff is often seen as so grotesque that the piece achieves a visionary intensity: one soon understands that this is a description of Hell as resort hotel, a morality tale of greed, callousness, irrational impulse and majestic disregard for hygiene, which wonderfully illuminates the vilest in us all without for a moment losing its credibility as the absolute truth or its effectiveness as a sort of cautionary example.
The time between the beginning of the war and Pierre's sudden decision to go to the army is filled with an abrupt change of spiritual states and irrational impulses.
However, to maintain enough social order to enable societies to function, these irrational impulses or residuas must be given a rational veneer.