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Impossible to reclaim; being such that reclamation is precluded: irreclaimable wasteland.

ir′re·claim′a·bil′i·ty, ir′re·claim′a·ble·ness n.
ir′re·claim′a·bly adv.


not able to be reclaimed
ˌirreˌclaimaˈbility, ˌirreˈclaimableness n
ˌirreˈclaimably adv


(ˌɪr ɪˈkleɪ mə bəl)

not reclaimable; incapable of being reclaimed or rehabilitated.
ir`re•claim′a•bly, adv.
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Adj.1.irreclaimable - insusceptible of reformirreclaimable - insusceptible of reform; "vicious irreclaimable boys"; "irredeemable sinners"
wicked - morally bad in principle or practice
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"No man who has heartily and wholly laughed can be altogether irreclaimably depraved," quipped the Scottish essayist Thomas Carlyle, using humor to praise that ability of practically the only species that can laugh--humans.
Deemed irreclaimably French, Koltes's works remain bottled inside the peculiarly American politics of Otherness: rhapsodic but oblique, obtuse or enigmatic in their resolute anti-naturalism, teeming with crystal-clear talk but putting forward impenetrable thoughts.
As portrayed in the story, it is a snarling, spitting, violent beast, uncontrolled and irreclaimably wild.