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 (ĭ-rĕk′ən-sī′lə-bəl, ĭ-rĕk′ən-sī′-)
Impossible to reconcile: irreconcilable differences.
1. A person, especially a member of a group, who will not compromise, adjust, or submit.
2. One of two or more conflicting ideas or beliefs that cannot be brought into harmony.

ir·rec′on·cil′a·bil′i·ty n.
ir·rec′on·cil′a·bly adv.
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I had so much time to spare, that the proposal came as a relief, notwithstanding its irreconcilability with my latent desire to keep my eye on the coach-office.
There was something almost ludicrous in the complete irreconcilability of a vague conventional notion that he must be a visionary man, with the precise, sagacious travelling of his eye and thumb over the plans, their patient stoppages at particular points, their careful returns to other points whence little channels of explanation had to be traced up, and his steady manner of making everything good and everything sound at each important stage, before taking his hearer on a line's-breadth further.
The Irreconcilability of the Constable and the Tramp, for instance?
The apparent irreconcilability of the Halloween "do or die" mantra and EU steadfastness coupled with unhelpful parliamentary arithmetic points the way to his solution.
The apparent irreconcilability of the Hallowe'en "do or die" mantra and EU steadfastness coupled with unhelpful parliamentary arithmetic points the way to his solution.
According to the President, what is most lacking in Bulgaria is the irreconcilability of low quality.
"Strikingly, although former directors of both MI5 and MI6 have gone public with their warnings that the EU defence union will lead inexorably to the demise of the Five Eyes relationship in signals intelligence, the leadership of GCHQ, Britain's signals intelligence agency and the actual partner to the Five Eyes which runs the collection bases on Cyprus, has not issued a squeak about the irreconcilability of the EU Defence Union agenda with the post-war basis of English-speaking nations' intelligence integration."
Subsequent chapters discuss the hardening of Cold War frontiers in Europe, its swift militarization and increasing irreconcilability, and its formative influence on US and Soviet perceptions worldwide.
To circle back, then, to the claim that human rights should be rejected because their conflicts are intractable: is it really true that the irreconcilability of our ethical duties is produced merely by modernity, allegedly a "catastrophe sufficient to throw the language and practice of morality into grave disorder"?
Such acts, alternating between consensual and abusive, may be caused by the irreconcilability of grief and love, although many possibilities are embedded in this rich cinematic text.