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Looking at her she may have recalled the golden, irrecoverable days of her own girlhood and her own first ball.
If you had been married I should have assisted you as much as was in my power to have made the best of a bad matter; but there is a great difference between considering a thing which is already done and irrecoverable, and that which is yet to do.
are shallows and quicksands, and rope broken withal, and bucket irrecoverable. Meanwhile the right culinary vessel was selected, water was seemingly distilled, and after consultation and long delay passed out to the thirsty one -- not yet suffered to cool, not yet to settle.
Mr Meagles and his family, under these combined discouragements, had begun reluctantly to give up Tattycoram as irrecoverable, when the new and active firm of Doyce and Clennam, in their private capacities, went down on a Saturday to stay at the cottage until Monday.
At that instant of extreme danger, a dark hand and glancing knife appeared before him; the Indian released his hold, as the blood flowed freely from around the severed tendons of the wrist; and while Duncan was drawn backward by the saving hand of Uncas, his charmed eyes still were riveted on the fierce and disappointed countenance of his foe, who fell sullenly and disappointed down the irrecoverable precipice.
Old pains keep on gnawing at your heart, old desires, old deceptions, old dreams, assailing you in the dead stillness of your present where nothing moves except the irrecoverable minutes of your life.
Exploration cost remained on the lower side at Rs2.05 billion amid no dry wells reported in the fourth quarter compared to a dry well (Tolanj East) and the irrecoverable cost associated with Joyamair Deep-1 in 4QFY18, it added.
Mr Dudley "However, there is a much bigger subtext here in that, unless somebody, government backed or otherwise, picks up the production capacity before it becomes irrecoverable, this will further shrink our country's indigenous capability to produce steel without even greater reliance of production and supply abroad.
'Therefore, issuance of more licences will put a large number of channels off the air, resulting in irrecoverable losses to the media industry at a time when it is already suffering due to the economic slowdown,' the press release said.
Of the 420 million dollars, most will be irrecoverable funds but there will also be loans approved at very low interest rates, says the Ministry of Finance.
In this difficult time, we share the bitterness of irrecoverable loss," the telegram reads.