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One who advocates the recovery of territory culturally or historically related to one's nation but now subject to a foreign government.

[Italian irredentista, from (Italia) irredenta, unredeemed (Italy), Italian-speaking areas subject to other countries; see irredenta.]

ir′re·den′tism n.
ir′re·den′tist adj.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a person who favours the acquisition of territory that once was part of his country or is considered to have been
(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) of, relating to, or advocating this belief
[C19: from Italian irredentista, from the phrase Italia irredenta, literally: Italy unredeemed, from ir- in-1 + redento redeemed, from Latin redemptus bought back; see redeem]
ˌirreˈdentism n


(Historical Terms) (sometimes not capital) a member of an Italian association prominent in 1878 that sought to recover for Italy certain neighbouring regions (Italia irredenta) with a predominantly Italian population that were under foreign control


(ˌɪr ɪˈdɛn tɪst)

1. (usu. cap.) a member of an Italian association that became prominent in 1878, advocating the incorporation into Italy of certain neighboring regions having a primarily Italian population.
2. a member of a party in any country advocating the acquisition of a region in another country by reason of cultural, historical, or ethnic ties.
3. pertaining to or supporting such a party or its doctrine.
[1880–85; < Italian irredentista= (Italia) irredent(a) (Italy) unredeemed (feminine of irredento=ir- ir-2 + redento < Latin redemptus, past participle of redimere to redeem)]
ir`re•den′tism, n.
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Noun1.irredentist - an advocate of irredentism
advocate, advocator, exponent, proponent - a person who pleads for a cause or propounds an idea


[ˌɪrɪˈdentɪst] ADJ, N (fig) → irredentista mf


[ˌɪrɪˈdɛntɪst] nirredentista m/f
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Many see it as a deviant, if not outright, renegade assemblage engaged in dangerous rabble-rousing of the Igbo for 'Biafra' renaissance, while some others, especially irredentists in the Igbo heartland, see the group as liberation agitators.
With no sense of irony, given how they had lynched blacks in the New York Draft riots of 1863, and given how their American leader Louise Day Hicks was calling for racial segregation in Boston, Irish Catholic irredentists exploited the image of Martin Luther King to push their Anschluss agenda under the guise of "civil rights." Protestants and the police force, the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC), saw right through this and fought back.
Once again, an unstable Russian regime, smarting not from Japanese victory but its own internal collapse, looms to the east, backing ethnic irredentists in the Ukraine and the Baltic republics.
Thai irredentists stripped away what they considered mistaken ethnic identities (Lao, Khmer, Kha, etc.) and made them racially Thai and legally Thai citizens.
One spoke of "Neocon vampires C* blood-thirsty Islamophobes C* think tank irredentists C* [Indian] revanchists C* planning another dismemberment, so that they
They're also "likely to be socially and culturally homogeneous (like Botswana and Lesotho), thus preempting ethnic conflict." And three of the small democracies (Cape Verde, Mauritius, and Sao Tome and Principe) are on islands, with no worries about secessionists or irredentists.
southwest--an area targeted for "re-conquest" by Mexican irredentists. During a routine traffic stop last April, illegal Mexican immigrant Armando Garcia shot and killed Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff David March.