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n. pl. ir·rel·e·van·cies


(ɪˈrɛl ə vən si)

n., pl. -cies.
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Noun1.irrelevancy - the lack of a relation of something to the matter at hand
unconnectedness - the lack of a connection between things
inapplicability - irrelevance by virtue of being inapplicable to the matter at hand
immateriality - complete irrelevance requiring no further consideration


خُروج عن الموضوع
nem a tárgyhoz tartozónem odaillőség
óviîkomandi, aukaatriîi
vedľajšia vec
konu dışı olmayersiz şey


(iˈrelivənt) adjective
not connected with the subject that is being discussed etc. irrelevant comments.
irˈrelevantly adverb
irˈrelevance noun
irˈrelevancy noun
References in classic literature ?
"My dear sir," said the Distinguished Advocate of Republican Institutions, without removing his eyes from the horizon, "you wander away into the strangest irrelevancies! I spoke of Kings in the abstract."
The best practicing lawyers are not the obnoxious charlatans who try to impress with highfalutin irrelevancies; they are the tireless writers of term sheets, memoranda, contracts, treaties, complaints, answers, motions, briefs and memorials; and, the best jurists are the rippling authors of decisions and orders.
I honestly think people are focusing on irrelevancies. It doesnt matter whether he is too obsessed with Vera or not.
Or if a permanent candidate can be agreed on and pursued in time for those irrelevancies.
Among her topics are the weight and quality of words, the greatest show on Earth, Parliament, the press, Kirribilli House, Australia as the best country in the world, show biz, stingy with public money but generous with his own, irrelevancies, Have-a-Look Avenue, and Mama.
No longer should we let irrelevancies stand in the way of opening this long-overdue access."
The study supports a number of earlier studies that suggest multi-tasking adversely affects brain function, possibly by reducing the involvement of the hippocampus--a brain region involved in remembering facts and details--impairing concentration, or making it difficult to filter out irrelevancies.
There was, at the time, much Tory sniggering about the outmoded nature of providing space for such proletarian irrelevancies as 'a pram in the hall' and bicycle storage in the passageway.
So, instead, the attorney had to try to poke holes and raise irrelevancies in whatever manner he could.
As the narrator says, aThere are, in fact, no constraints here, and there is nothing more than meaninglessness.a Itas up to the reader to decode the text and supply meaning: aAnd the point was that between irrelevancies, various truths could be discovered.a
The efficacy of surrendering conscious control as a way of excising irrelevancies is of course one of Conceptual art's founding tenets; cut away the distracting interferences of taste and "expression" and you get closer to the heart of an idea faster.
Fabbri finds that Rorty's assertions that Derrida reduced philosophy to a collection of irrelevancies themselves do not have sufficient epistemological or political evidence.