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n. pl. ir·rel·e·van·cies


(ɪˈrɛl ə vən si)

n., pl. -cies.
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Noun1.irrelevancy - the lack of a relation of something to the matter at hand
unconnectedness - the lack of a connection between things
inapplicability - irrelevance by virtue of being inapplicable to the matter at hand
immateriality - complete irrelevance requiring no further consideration


خُروج عن الموضوع
nem a tárgyhoz tartozónem odaillőség
óviîkomandi, aukaatriîi
vedľajšia vec
konu dışı olmayersiz şey


(iˈrelivənt) adjective
not connected with the subject that is being discussed etc. irrelevant comments.
irˈrelevantly adverb
irˈrelevance noun
irˈrelevancy noun
References in classic literature ?
She perched on the stool and treadled at her machine all day, turning out collars, the name of whose brand could be noted for its irrelevancy to anything in connection with collars.
There was something of women's highly practical sanity and also of their irrelevancy in the conduct of Miss de Barral's amazing governess.
Observe, throughout, the strange irrelevancy of the Young Person.
To prevent irrelevancy, the commission must ensure that survivors have direct participation in its work and the commission itself needs a strong, public endorsement by Francis.
Although Mr Barnier has made this clear from the outset, the UK Government has continued to pander to the hard Brexiteers in the Conservative Party for whom the future prosperity of their country is an irrelevancy at worst, and of secondary importance at best.
Conventional retailers must rethink their stores and online strategies to satisfy how people really want to shop or risk fading into irrelevancy, the study suggests.
The need for the documents and his right to compulsory process outweigh the claims of the AMLC of confidentiality, irrelevancy, and generality, specially taking into account that the crime charges is
And it will rank up there with the last transatlantic ocean liner, the last Sony Walkman cassette player and the last box of carbon paper as symbols of irrelevancy.
Texas GOP Chairman Tom Mechler said in a statement Thursday that Texas Democrats' embrace of Sanders, a self-identified socialist, "will only push them further towards irrelevancy in our conservative state.
Oil companies and energy utilities must begin to adapt their existing business models or face future irrelevancy.
LABOUR'S gravest threat is irrelevancy with UKIP's collapse no comfort as disillusioned purple voters flee back to the Cons.