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Hostility or indifference to religion.


1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) lack of religious faith
2. (Ecclesiastical Terms) indifference or opposition to religion
ˌirreˈligionist n


(ˌɪr ɪˈlɪdʒ ən)

1. lack of religion.
2. hostility or indifference to religion; impiety.
[1585–95; < Late Latin]
ir`re•li′gion•ist, n.
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Noun1.irreligion - the quality of not being devout
impiety, impiousness - unrighteousness by virtue of lacking respect for a god
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The worthy gentleman used his privilege as a Voltairean noble to stay away from mass; and great indulgence was shown to his irreligion because of his devotion to the royal cause.
This cavern of oblivion that was awaiting him, that he must enter--it was black and now more than ever his deep, simple irreligion refused to let fairy tales pacify him with the belief that beyond it was everlasting daylight.
Among the literary adventurers of the age who led wild lives in the London taverns Marlowe is said to have attained a conspicuous reputation for violence and irreligion.
Detestando los sofismas del libertinaje y de la irreligion, combatiendolos incesantemente con tus actos y tus discursos, no temo en absoluto para ti los que ha necesitado en estas memorias el tipo de personajes trazados; el cinismo de algunas plumas (suavizadas sin embargo lo mas posible) no te horrorizara mas; es el Vicio el que, gimiendo por ser desvelado, se escandaliza asi que se le ataca.
Because this speculation is for nearly all purposes and intents religiously based--and also selective in what religious traditions it reflects--the bill also runs afoul of the widely accepted First Amendment-based proscription that government may not favor one religion over another nor favor religion over irreligion.
Accordingly, believers overpowered unbelievers, religion overshadowed irreligion, faithful citizenship prevailed over dissenting freethinking and the saga of atheists, infidels, secularists and humanists has remained at best marginal, fragmentary and inconclusive.
Likewise, what will render the country more prosperous and powerful are certainly not dreadful concepts such as irreligion or homosexuality, but religious belief.
In fact, for Gandhi and Patel and to some extent to Nehru, freedom movement was for social, political and cultural-ethical freedom, which can be dialogical with religion and irreligion or secularity with equal respect.
He argued that in a "climate of irreligion," or of religion distorted by humanitarianism, man's "spiritual functions and capacities" would "inevitably be understimulated, undernourished, underexercised, and be condemned to atrophy.
A recent lengthy article in Salon, "The Rise of Irreligion Is the GOP's Real Demographic Crisis," (Aug.
Estos son: la fijacion de conservar la juventud, la obsesion del crecimiento economico y el dinero facil, el totalitarismo de la comunicacion y la irreligion de la secularizacion (p.