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Impossible to replace: irreplaceable antiques.

ir′re·place′a·bil′i·ty, ir′re·place′a·ble·ness n.
ir′re·place′a·bly adv.
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Noun1.irreplaceableness - the quality of being irreplaceable
unexchangeability - the quality of being incapable of exchange or interchange
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Although nobody disputes the importance and irreplaceableness of the permanent GNSS observations in motion active regions, it is necessary to touch on a question how much site movements detected by the satellite position techniques reflect deep dynamic motions ongoing in the Earth's crust.
The arguments for the vision of nature and planet Earth as creation should not be faith in Christ but our common experience of the irreplaceableness of the plant.
Lived place and time focus Leclair's diarizing gesture; his forms winkingly may honor certain conventions yet insist on freedom; the "things" and moments around and within us -- a fly rubbing its legs together, birds, skyscapes, country events, a stroll along the seafront, a flood scene, the local cafe, walking or biking home in the drizzle with a just-purchased bottle of brandy -- are observed in their infinite specificity, their irreplaceableness, yet are absorbed, via their very fleetingness, their strangely felt "nothingness" or immateriality, into that equally infinite plasticity or malleability that language reminds us is at their center.