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Noun1.irreproducibility - the quality of being unreproducible; "he could not explain the irreproducibility of the results of his experiment"
undependability, undependableness, unreliability, unreliableness - the trait of not being dependable or reliable
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It is often impossible or difficult to replicate papers that do not carefully document how outliers are handled, Irreproducibility leads to questions about the validity of the research outcomes.
Irreproducibility in preclinical biomedical research: Perceptions, uncertainties, and knowledge gaps.
Roughly the shape of an ellipse, the mirror was carefully cut with a wavy outline, exaggerating its irreproducibility. The precision cuts read more as emotional incisions than material interventions, intending to create kinship between users living in a culture of heightened self-representation.
Others address reproducibility more from perceived specific causes of irreproducibility, such as poor study design and analysis, bad reference materials and reagents (particularly misidentified cell lines), and poor description of methods and protocols.
Hence, matrix-matched standard curve has been used to overcome the matrix effect and signal irreproducibility, matrix interference, and loss of recovery.
In Harris's view, much of the irreproducibility problem has been driven by two interrelated forces: the ferocious competition for funding, and the culture of academic prestige.
According to his study, in psychological and brain sciences at least, irreproducibility has more to do with the complexity of managing data, rather than incorrect or hidden methods and results.
Society: To what degree is a Economy social system that produces, uses, or provides access to ICTs organized in a manner that does not guarantee the satisfaction of the needs of all humans (poverty), that results in unfair distribution of need satisfaction (inequality) or the irreproducibility of the economy (economic crisis)?
Unfortunately, the heightened MCE of these materials is offset by the downfalls that all FOMPT materials are susceptible to, including thermal and magnetic hysteresis losses and irreproducibility due to mechanical fatigue [12].
Previous publications describing the protocols for the amplification of low copy number HIV-1 templates have suffered from limitations such as low consistency, irreproducibility due to lack of technical details, narrow HIV subtype coverage, and/or limited sensitivity.
More concretely, it provides several examples of irreproducibility in patents on blockbuster drugs--Prempro, Xigris, Plavix, and Avastin--and discusses some of the social costs of the misalignment between good clinical practice and patent doctrine.