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Noun1.irreproducibility - the quality of being unreproducible; "he could not explain the irreproducibility of the results of his experiment"
undependability, undependableness, unreliability, unreliableness - the trait of not being dependable or reliable
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In Harris's view, much of the irreproducibility problem has been driven by two interrelated forces: the ferocious competition for funding, and the culture of academic prestige.
According to his study, in psychological and brain sciences at least, irreproducibility has more to do with the complexity of managing data, rather than incorrect or hidden methods and results.
Society: To what degree is a Economy social system that produces, uses, or provides access to ICTs organized in a manner that does not guarantee the satisfaction of the needs of all humans (poverty), that results in unfair distribution of need satisfaction (inequality) or the irreproducibility of the economy (economic crisis)?
Weak statistical standards implicated in scientific irreproducibility.
More concretely, it provides several examples of irreproducibility in patents on blockbuster drugs--Prempro, Xigris, Plavix, and Avastin--and discusses some of the social costs of the misalignment between good clinical practice and patent doctrine.
Irreproducibility in preclinical biomedical research: Perceptions, uncertainties, and knowledge gaps.
In large scale production of Mycoplasma species for vaccination aside from the high cost of animal serum, more important is the high irreproducibility in the production process and the possible contamination with animal viruses.
Though the song uses repetitions of key melodies and motifs, the greatest thrills come from the sections that feel left open to the interpretation of the moment, resulting in musical events that have a genuine sense of irreproducibility about them.
Irreproducibility of the soybean pollen-tube pathway transformation procedure.
Irreproducibility of preclinical animal data can also lead to the failure of human clinical trials and ARRIVE (Animal Research: Reporting of In Vivo Experiments) for animal studies which may improve the quality of animal research and increase transparency and reproducibility [74].
In 2015 several research groups examining the issue reported on the magnitude of the irreproducibility problem.
This was done in response to issues with irreproducibility (primarily) in preclinical studies.