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1. Irresoluble.
2. Impossible to separate into component parts; irreducible.


1. not able to be resolved into parts or elements
2. not able to be solved; insoluble
ˌirreˌsolvaˈbility, ˌirreˈsolvableness n
ˌirreˈsolvably adv


(ˌɪr ɪˈzɒl və bəl)

not resolvable; incapable of being resolved; not analyzable or solvable.
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Few in the US want to admit that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict may be irresolvable for now.
At the same time, the threat of an Iran equipping itself with nuclear weapons and the unresolved, seemingly irresolvable, problem of Israel's co-existence with Palestine remain.
That brought Hamas to power and created the irresolvable stalemate now blocking any effort to negotiate peace.
He makes mention of the pain caused in part by the church's involvement with Indian residential schools; the devastating situation in the Middle East; the death of another Canadian soldier in Afghanistan, and the seemingly irresolvable conflict between North and South Korea.
Wisely skirting around the irresolvable question whether Fontane, a son of Prussia's Huguenot community, had any real personal faith, this collection takes as its subject the varied and complex representation of Christian themes in his work.
Recognizing that in the pursuit of happiness, conflicts, including moral conflicts, will arise, McInerny sketches a Thomistic account of conflict, rejecting the notion of irresolvable conflict.
Seder, who has already studied mediation training, said the newest strategy in the practice of law has proven able to resolve cases that were irresolvable, helping to convince clients that it could be better to settle out of court.
Bhattacharya coined the term irresolvable risk to represent the perceived risk resulting from the imprecision associated with decidedly irrational psycho-cognitive forces that subjectively interpret information and process the same in decision-making.
And it's easy to carry its irresolvable emotions well beyond the theater's walls.
The conflict with India, for example, is all but irresolvable as long as the military is in charge, he argues, if for no other reason than it supplies an ever-ready rationale for the army's place atop Pakistani politics.
A basic take on such primal, pertinacious, and irresolvable questions would surely be a prerequisite for Haughey's undertaking; but it does not seem to have occurred to him to ask them.
seeks to explain this dilemma, but the questions may be irresolvable.