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1. Irresoluble.
2. Impossible to separate into component parts; irreducible.


1. not able to be resolved into parts or elements
2. not able to be solved; insoluble
ˌirreˌsolvaˈbility, ˌirreˈsolvableness n
ˌirreˈsolvably adv


(ˌɪr ɪˈzɒl və bəl)

not resolvable; incapable of being resolved; not analyzable or solvable.
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The first variant of this problem is most clear in where there is overt conflict between principles and their implied values, which reveals that rather than being mutually exclusive of each other, as a modernist taxonomy would suggest, those principles may be simultaneously present and irresolvably at odds with one another.
More narrowly, formal financial practices are occasionally endorsed to entirely supplant preexisting informal practices that are cast as irresolvably inadequate (de Soto, 2000; Prahalad, 2004).
The heroine remains so irresolvably "in-between" that one would assume that she lives in a void--and in a sense, she does.
Based on this argument--and given the semantically and ontologically overdetermined nature of the cry (its irresolvably indeterminate relation to the body, subjectivity, the Other, and signification) coalesced with its being inextricably bound up with four fundamental preoccupations of the play (logos, thanatos, pathos and eros)--I propose the concept of "acousmatic voice" to be able to effectively capture and account for the aporetics of the cry as well as concomitant problematics of the play.
(82) In closing, Pincombe explores the perhaps irresolvably paradoxical term 'humanist tragedy', insisting, as he has elsewhere, that Renaissance 'humanism' entails a sense of the humane.
What follows is the most intricate case of scenic simultaneity, the climax of the temporal and spatial melding and layering, which illustrates to what extent text, context, action, characterization, and character interaction, in short, reality in Jueces en la noche is inherently, irresolvably, and infinitely confluent.
He reminds us that only with contemporary philosophy has the idea begun to be more commonly entertained in modern times that genuine moral dilemmas exist--that is, that innocent agents are sometimes faced with irresolvably conflicting moral obligations.
Hence, the rules comprising the moral system of one's choice should be treated seriously, that is, kept fixed and not modifiable in the face of contingently (though irresolvably) dilemmatic situations.
Like some impossible cross between academic biography, Hans Holbein's The Ambassadors, and Edgar Allen Poe's "Berenice," King reveals dream logics of death and drive in these rare snapshots of the grotesque, yet it does so irresolvably, as if the unreadable were the point rather than anything specific about the reverend doctor.
the question of priority between the supposed central and the supposed marginal category of each dyad is irresolvably unstable [because] term B is constituted as at once internal and external to term A.
The result approaches a sort of conceptual hypertext, with each shift in font (there are many) potentially drawing the reader to make connections across and throughout the remainder of the article, as the individual voices of the company members emerge as somehow both separate yet irresolvably intertwined.
Dominic Molon agrees with this assertion, claiming that the "masquerade transforms her into a being that is irresolvably Other to the people on the street through the incongruity of her bizarre appearance." (39) Considering alienation in this context, a reference to feminist Marxist critique seems plausible: the capitalist explosion of the bubble economy and growth of Japanese business has led to exploitation and oppression of women in the corporate labor force.