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adv.1.Without regard to conditions; not taking circumstances into consideration.
Prosperity, considered absolutely and irrespectively, is better and more desirable than adversity.
- South.
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related to the Transaction, irrespectively of the proposed structure of the Transaction to be
A common misconception can be observed in past decision related researches that indecisiveness is very rarely occurring phenomena but reality is that, irrespectively its wide prevalence it has been consistently ignored in the past literature and is still poorly understood (Spunt, Rassin, and Epstein, 2009).
In this study, all EEP showed an antimicrobial effect against Staphylococcus spp isolates, MIC90 = 60 - 30 mg/mL, irrespectively of microbial resistance of the isolates.
Putin stated, "I am fully convinced that the development of relations with China enjoys a national consensus in Russia, and irrespectively of the outcome of the (Russian presidential) election campaign, Russia and China will remain strategic partners for an extensive historic perspective.
Hence the overall stiffness of various AFO's differs more than two times (or even 3 times in the last case) irrespectively of the loading case.
Synovial fluid-derived T helper 17 cells correlate with inflammatory activity in arthritis, irrespectively of diagnosis.
All aforementioned mixers are equipped with clever water-saving devices, like Click technology - that allows the mixer to function at 50% of its capacity, when the user wishes it - or integrated flow regulators that limit the flow rate at 5lpm, irrespectively of the water pressure.
Indeed, for a number of commodity-exporting countries including Australia, Canada and Norway, real compensation based on a consumption deflator has grown less than real compensation based on the value added deflator irrespectively of the precise measure of the consumption deflator used in the analysis (Appendix Table A1).
The placenta was classified central when it was equally distributed on the right & left side irrespectively of the anterior, posterior or fundal position.
The response surface 7, 8 and 9, shown in Figure 17, Figure 18, and Figure 19 respectively, denote an almost identical performance in Wall film formation irrespectively of the mixer distance from the injector.
Compound C inhibits clonal expansion of preadipocytes by increasing p21 level irrespectively of AMPK inhibition.
Sergey Kirienko commented on the event: "Construction of Bushehr Phase I proved that Russia always fulfills its obligations before foreign partners irrespectively of the political climate in the world.