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1. Not responsive, as to treatment or stimuli.
2. Not responding or answering readily.

ir′re·spon′sive·ly adv.
ir′re·spon′sive·ness n.


not responsive
ˌirreˈsponsively adv
ˌirreˈsponsiveness n


(ˌɪr ɪˈspɒn sɪv)

not responsive; not responding or ready to respond.
ir`re•spon′sive•ness, n.
References in classic literature ?
Mute, close, irresponsive to any glancing light, his dress is like himself.
How had Hepzibah--grim, silent, and irresponsive to her overflow of cordial sentiment--contrived to win so much love?
Parliament, the Thames, the irresponsive chauffeur, would flash into the field of house-hunting, and all demand some comment or response.
Well, at any rate I hope you will not offer it without giving me notice," I said as she remained irresponsive.
CAPTAIN MACWHIRR, of the steamer Nan-Shan, had a physiognomy that, in the order of material appearances, was the exact counterpart of his mind: it presented no marked characteristics of firmness or stupidity; it had no pronounced characteristics whatever; it was simply ordinary, irresponsive, and unruffled.
To which the person of the house, stretching out her arm in an attitude of command, replied with irresponsive asperity: 'Go along with you
Such acts are immoral, irresponsive and condemnable and such attitude cannot be encouraged, he said.
He maintained that unfortunately, police seem to appear irresponsive when heirs of the victims approached police in any such case.
The author speaks of "God's silence before an unbelieving and irresponsive church" (150-79) as God's answer to the current type of church reality.
On an irresponsive wicket which had little for the bowlers, the duo had got a solid start but should have gone on to convert it into a big partnership.
Treatment of Hemodialysis Vascular Access Rupture Irresponsive to Prolonged Balloon Tamponade: Retrospective Evaluation of the Effectiveness of N-Butyl Cyanoacrylate Seal-Off Technique.
Genotypes NARC 11-4 were irresponsive genotype against studied variables under S150mM due to presence at the origin of biplot graph (Fig.