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Impossible to reverse: an irreversible momentum toward open revolution.

ir′re·vers′i·bil′i·ty, ir′re·vers′i·ble·ness n.
ir′re·vers′i·bly adv.
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Noun1.irreversibility - the quality of being irreversible (once done it cannot be changed)
unchangeability, unchangeableness, unchangingness, changelessness - the quality of being unchangeable; having a marked tendency to remain unchanged
reversibility - the quality of being reversible in either direction
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In a more recent review, Cuddy-Casey and orvaschel (1997) reported that children are able to develop a complete understanding of death after they reach the chronological or mental age of 9-years-old and there is a consensus throughout the literature of a developmental trend in which the concept of irreversibility is understood first (Slaughter & Griffiths, 2007).
The objections voiced last week were not about aesthetics or architectural integrity, but about the addition's apparent irreversibility.
Irreversibility also addresses the 'break-out' issue, because if weapons-usable fissile material is fully controlled, as it must be in any reliable global nuclear disarmament regime, then break-out becomes not just unlikely, but impossible.
Policymakers also risk market confidencein the irreversibility of euro area membership.
Rodenhuis underlined its irreversibility and its inevitable consequences, defining digital revolution as a "permanent revolution": the circulation of more information, accessible to everyone; influencing research results and encouraging cooperation; being also a means to increase the visibility of information producers and a benefit used for cultural or commercial purposes.
There are six main reasons described in the subject literature that try to explain this puzzle: the presence of a bequest motive, or the desire to leave an inheritance to descendants; the existence of a social security system that covers the minimum costs for the needs of older people; the irreversibility of the decision to convert; lack of liquidity; level of financial wealth; and the offer of annuities at actuarially unfair prices.
red lines: deadlines beyond which Washington will not allow itself to be strung, as well as benchmark actions that would trigger a response, such as the further hardening of Iran's nuclear facilities to the point of invulnerability and, therefore, irreversibility.
The Commission questions the sustainability and irreversibility of the conducted reforms, adding that they have been conducted amid external pressure.
to the irreversibility of the euro and I think this will be recognised by all.
While for the principal oil producers in the region breakeven prices remain comfortably below prevailing market levels, the unrelenting rise in and the near irreversibility of government spending could expose the fiscal position to undue risk because of the historically high volatility of oil and gas prices.
In a media statement after the list was adopted, the Cabinet said that there was a "qualitative difference" in the latest plan because there would be targeted measures in new legislation that would capitalise on previous changes to laws "to ensure the irreversibility of the ongoing reforms".