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Impossible to reverse: an irreversible momentum toward open revolution.

ir′re·vers′i·bil′i·ty, ir′re·vers′i·ble·ness n.
ir′re·vers′i·bly adv.
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Noun1.irreversibility - the quality of being irreversible (once done it cannot be changed)
unchangeability, unchangeableness, unchangingness, changelessness - the quality of being unchangeable; having a marked tendency to remain unchanged
reversibility - the quality of being reversible in either direction
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The irreversibility of climate change and the catastrophic impact being shoved on the environment have taken stakeholders back to drawing room.
Summary: The irreversibility of climate change and the catastrophic impact being shoved on the environment have taken stakeholders back to drawing room.
"If you can have those lethal forms of suicide inaccessible to them, then that period of crisis and not seeing the irreversibility of this impulsive decision will pass," he said.
There is time to stop these actions and assume the irreversibility of the change that the country is experiencing," he added.
The critical outcome should be to instill irreversibility and sustainability through fiscal discipline for macro stability, significant reforms to be competitive and relentless drive to engineer inclusive growth,' he added.
Without prejudice, this will go down as the defining moment when the irreversibility of the restoration of Biafra was firmly entrenched in the subconscious of all and sundry.
After the vote, speaker Andriy Parubiy praised "the irreversibility of our European choice." "Ukraine will join the EU, Ukraine will join NATO!" he added.
Research has consistently identified four components of a death concept that children come to understand over time and with direct or indirect death experiences: irreversibility, finality (non-functionality), causality, and universality/inevitability (Bluebond-Langner et al., 2012, Bonoti et al., 2013; Longbottom & Slaughter, 2018; Olin, 2016).
He stressed that the Russian society was once again convinced of the irreversibility of the intensification of the Azerbaijan-Russia relations and that the Azerbaijan-Russia tandem is crucial for the calm and sustainable development of the region.
Something that I am very pleased with is the closure of benchmark 6 - namely the fight against organised crime.Tsetska Tsacheva, Minister of Justice: The report of the European Commission is positive, objective and clearly emphasizes the irreversibility of the implemented reforms.
That said, for a superconductor to carry the non-dissipative super current, a boundary, referred, the irreversibility line Hirr(T), plays an important role.