irreversible process

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Noun1.irreversible process - any process that is not reversible
physical process, process - a sustained phenomenon or one marked by gradual changes through a series of states; "events now in process"; "the process of calcification begins later for boys than for girls"
reversible process - any process in which a system can be made to pass through the same states in the reverse order when the process is reversed
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I believe that there is still room for the opposition to be more cooperative on the Law on the use of languages, because it is an irreversible process, there is no turning back, the law won the trust of 69 MPs.
We could say that the Struma highway is already an irreversible process, which we hope will be completed within the set deadlines.
This is an irreversible process of change and industry convergence that started in the nineties during the internet boom and whose outcome is yet to be explored.
The fight against climate change is an irreversible process that cannot be postponed and is compatible with economic growth.
But these measures will definitely go a long way in starting an irreversible process to establish a financing ecosystem for our farmers that will include the private sector in a substantive way, beyond government dole-outs and palliatives.
8 -- July month marked the 25th year of the historic reforms that set in motion the irreversible process of opening the Indian economy.
After arming, the FPGA can only accept the encoded bit streams because the arming of the AES mechanism is an irreversible process.
Now the question arises how to overcome this problem and how to create that attitude towards knowledge and most important of all, can this attitude be created at all or is it God gifted The slow and steady scientific evolution which led to an industrial revolution in the west is an irreversible process.
He said this fight is an irreversible process until the terrorism is rooted out from the country.
They said the fight against terrorism is an irreversible process until terrorism is rooted out from the country.
As the years go by, the body, the most precious possession a human being has, goes through an irreversible process of destruction.
There is no doubt that Francis will continue to realize individual points on his reform agenda and that we can expect many a surprise, but it is "humanly impossible" to tell whether he will be able to set in motion an irreversible process of reform, Kasper says.