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n. infl. de la pulpa debido a las caries.
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In contrast with these studies, however, Lindemann et al evaluated the effect of triazolam on the success rate of IANB in the patients with irreversible pulpitis and reported that the success rate of IANB in triazolam (a kind of benzodiazepine) group showed no statistically significant difference in comparison with the placebo group [31].
Using successful pulpal analgesia in teeth with irreversible pulpitis as an outcome measure, Brandt concluded that articaine produced successful analgesia 2.
In a randomized, double-blind clinical trial involving 40 patients with irreversible pulpitis in first premolars and first molars, Srinivasan reported a highly significant difference for maxillary buccal infiltrations (BI) with one cartridge of Art 100 over the same dose of Lido 100.
They offer a guide to diagnosing reversible pulpitis, irreversible pulpitis, and necrotic pulp; defining and achieving success; clinical procedure; and treatment outcome and prognosis.
If the infection progresses, irreversible pulpitis may occur.