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Impossible to retract or revoke: an irrevocable decision.

ir·rev′o·ca·bil′i·ty, ir·rev′o·ca·ble·ness n.
ir·rev′o·ca·bly adv.
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She lay on the sofa with her face to the wall, fingering the buttons of the leather cushion and seeing nothing but that cushion, and her confused thoughts were centered on one subject- the irrevocability of death and her own spiritual baseness, which she had not suspected, but which had shown itself during her father's illness.
Datchery should repent, but stopped at a safe distance, on the happy chance of his being uneasy in his mind about it, to goad him with a demon dance expressive of its irrevocability.
Pickwick gave a heavy blow on the table before him, in confirmation of the irrevocability of his intention.
He noted that Article 99 of the Revised Penal Code provided that 'the irrevocability of the grant of GCTA is premised on the grant having a lawful justification.'
In On the shortness of life, Seneca gives man what looks like an urgent reminder about the sure, irrevocability and non-renewability of time.
Unfortunately, many people do not update their trusts to reflect current law or personal changes, and the irrevocability of these trusts can be problematic.
Meanwhile, blockchain is attracting significant attention in the finance space due to its resilience, irrevocability, open source and shared nature, and its potential for real-time settlement.
California legislation AB1X (enacted 2001) established the irrevocability and enforceability of DWR's Electric Fund bond charges.
An empirical study is performed to test the cancelability and irrevocability of the proposed method using linear correlation test of general original clear minutiae with decapsulated minutiae scores, the strength and nature of the linear relationship between two scores of clear and decapsulated minutiae.
The euro area was desperate to avoid a fracturing of the currency union; any exit at all would call into question the supposed irrevocability of the euro, prompting financial markets to bet against other struggling economies.
Notably, nowhere in its decisions has the Supreme Court (SC) ruled on whether the irrevocability rule also applies to the option to claim refund or issuance of TCC, that is, not until its most recent landmark ruling in the case of University Physicians Services, Inc.-Management Inc.
Further principles exist that are specific to EDRSs, such as the principle of irrevocability. Judicial means of bringing electoral challenges are those procedural legal instruments provided for by law by which two or more conflicting parties bring before a judicial body, that is, a judge or a court, a dispute over an alleged error, irregularity, instance of wrongful conduct, deficiency or illegality in an electoral action or decision.

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