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a.1.(Anat.) Same as Ischial.
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5) Perineal nodular induration (PNI) also known as biker's nodule, cyclist's nodule, ischiatic hygroma, third testicle, or an accessory testicle is a benign pseudotumour that presents most commonly in avid male cyclists with repetitive perineal microtrauma.
Foot clenching and weakness have been described in birds with cardiovascular disease (endocarditis, atherosclerosis), (24,25) poisoning (organophosphate, heavy metal), (26) orthopedic abnormalities (appendicular fracture, spinal trauma, degenerative joint disease), (27) metabolic abnormalities (hypocalcemia, hypovitaminosis B2, vitamin E and selenium deficiency), and neurologic disease (infectious or parasitic polioencephalomyelitis, poliomalacia, and ischiatic nerve compression), (28) but some cases remain idiopathic.
Greater and lesser ischiatic foramina as path of shock wave lithotripsy for distal ureteral stone in children.
To this aim, a tourniquet was applied proximally to the shaft of the penis and an extensive resection was performed close to the ischiatic arch, dividing the suspensory ligament of penis.
The foetal body length was measured as curved line in centimetre with the help of inelastic thread along the vertebral column between the most anterior parts of frontal bone to the rump at ischiatic tuberosity and designated as curved crown rump length [9].
Away from cosmetic dermatology, botulinum toxin already has a number of medical uses--and in a few years BOTOX[R]--jelly may be used to treat ischiatic nerve [sciatica] .
Results showed statistically significant differences between male and female pelvises for all angles, with unambiguous data collected from the angle created by the ischiatic arch (ventral brim of the ischium).
The penile artery was divided into three branches before 4-5mm from the ischiatic arch(Fig3).