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Of or relating to the ischium and the pubic bone: ischiopubic synchondrosis.
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This is a retropubic colposuspension operation for stress urinary incontinence in which the sutures starting from the paravaginal tissue are anchored to the ileopectineal ligament (Cooper's ligament), the superior border of the ischiopubic rami to maintain the tension on bladder neck and urethra.
Fracture of Right Pubis, Superior Pubic Ramus, Ischium and Ischiopubic Ramus
Female pelves tend to be wider overall and marked by the presence and appearance of the following features: the subpubic concavity, the ischiopubic ramus, the ventral arc, the greater sciatic notch, the pelvic outlet, and the preauricular sulcus.
Traits considered for sex estimation included the: ventral arc, subpubic concavity, ischiopubic ramus ridge, greater sciatic notch, nuchal crest, mastoid processes, supraorbital margin, supraorbital ridge and mental eminence.
(2001) indicated that during migration, the muscle bundles that extend medially to the ischiopubic ramus form the obturator internus muscle, and those which remain lateral to the ramus, form the gemelli muscles.
The BFT was evaluated as the thickness of subcutaneous fat deposits between the 12th and 13 th ribs on the Longissimus dorsi muscle, and RFT was evaluated as the thickness of subcutaneous fat deposits between the ileum and ischiopubic bone, measured at the articulation point of the Gluteus medius and Biceps femoris.
Incomplete fusion of the ischiopubic rami or absent superior and inferior pubic rami were also found.
The van Neck-Odelberg disease is hyperostosis of ischiopubic synchondrosis (IPS).
The boundaries of the perineum are the pelvic floor superiorly, pubic symphysis anteriorly, coccyx posteriorly, ischial tuberosities laterally, ischiopubic rami anterolaterally, sacrotuberous ligaments posterolaterally, and fascia and skin inferiorly.
When passed from the outside-in, the needle is directed from a small incision lateral to the clitoris at the inferior edge of the adductor longus tendon, through the obturator foramen, around the ischiopubic ramus, and into the anterior vagina at the level of the midurethra.
The angle of the dissection is more lateral than for a retropubic sling, toward the underside of the descending ischiopubic ramus and obturator internus muscle.