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a.1.(Anat.) Of or pertaining to the region between the rectum and ishial tuberosity.
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The complications with the use of synthetic mesh occur due to its placement adjacent to the bladder and rectum involving extensive paravesical and pararectal dissection includes the passage of needles blindly through the obturator foramen or the ischiorectal fossa which in turn increase the potential for immediate complications like excessive bleeding, perforation of the bladder, rectum and blood vessels.
Magnetic resonance imaging accurately demonstrates the anatomy of the perianal region fistulas, their relationship with ischiorectal fossa, classifying fistulas into five types.
Abscesses are classified according to their anatomical location in the potential anorectal spaces formed by the inner and outer layers of the pelvic floor musculature: perianal (most common), ischiorectal, intersphincteric, and supralevator (least common).
Episiotomy sutures were opened and nearly 500 cc hemorrhagic fluid was drained from hematoma which originated from right ischiorectal fossa.
Schuchardt incision starts from the same place as lateral episiotomy, but with a slightly smaller angle and in a gentle curve passes laterally to the rectum to ischiorectal fossa.
Closure with myocutaneous flaps (gluteus maximus or vertical rectus abdominus (VRAM) flaps) was used where direct closure was not possible due to extensive resection of the ischiorectal space necessitated by large tumour size.
Ischiorectal fossa block decreases post hemorrhoidectomy pain: randomized, prospective, double - blind clinical trial.
Perineal hernia is characterized by disruption of pelvic diaphragm and herniation of abdominal or pelvic organs through the ischiorectal fossa in perineal sac especially in middle aged or aged intact male dogs (Stoll et al, 2002, Head et al, 2002, Gilley et al.
Abdominal examination showed the uterus to be well retracted, but there was a left ischiorectal fossa swelling.
To provide a barrier layer for the urethroplasty, bilateral pedicle flaps of perineal and ischiorectal fat were mobilized.
The procedure was completed with the placement of one drainage tube near the mesh and the closure of the ischiorectal fat and skin.