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Noun1.island-dweller - an inhabitant of an islandisland-dweller - an inhabitant of an island    
denizen, dweller, habitant, inhabitant, indweller - a person who inhabits a particular place
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Loeb an island-dweller who alternates between the Pacific Northwest and the South Pacific has used his awareness of how the mind works (or fails to work) as well as his ability to describe a character's reactions to sensory input to keep the action moving and engage the reader in the lives of Mel Rosenkrantz and Helen Guildenstern--lives characterized more by accident and lack of intent than by design.
During this occupation, the island-dwellers, defying the curfew, met to discuss the few books which were available to them, and yes, 'feasted' on potato peel pie in those food-strapped days.
ISLAND-DWELLERS keen to 'conquer the seas' will soon be able to splash out and learn sailing and diving skills at one of Bahrain's oldest-established social clubs.
callously uprooted island-dwellers from their ancient homelands and showered the area with nuclear detritus, evidence of which still abounds.