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(Chemistry) chem a colourless gaseous hydrocarbon that is an isomer of butane and which is used as a fuel and a refrigerant. Formula: (CH3)3CH


(ˌaɪ səˈbyu teɪn, -byuˈteɪn)

a colorless, flammable gas, C4H10, used as a fuel, a refrigerant, and in the manufacture of gasoline by alkylation.
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Contract Awarded for International competitive bidding of isobutane nitrogen recovery unit(inru) for 400 kmta hdpe plant of sinochem quanzhou 1000 kmta ethylene and refinery revamping project
The failure of my domestic freezer drew my attention to the fact that the refrigerant that has been in use for some considerable time is isobutane which is of course flammable.
The metal cylinder was later found to contain potentially-explosive isobutane gas.
Several explosions have been reported in refrigerators using isobutane as a result of the gas leaking into the electrical system.
Isobutane is widely used in household refrigerators in Europe and parts of Asia, but not in the U.
Prominent ag products on the list include anhydrous ammonia, ammonium nitrate, acrolein, acetylene, difluroethane, ethane, ethylene, ethylene oxide, formaldehyde, hydrogen chloride, isobutane, isopentane, isopropylamine, propane and trinitrophenol.
6) reported Henry's constant for hydrocarbons including butane and isobutane in molten polypropylene and polystyrene.
The principal asset of Quest Transmission is a pipeline that transports high-purity isobutane from Mont Belvieu to Port Neches, TX.
The lines have 90-mm single-screw extruders with three pump heads for isobutane blowing agent and 120-mm cooling extruders.
An improved correlation of the viscosity of isobutane has been published.
The European Parliament also asked for butane, isobutane and propane (used as propellants for vegetable oil sprays or in vegetable oil emulsions) not to be added to the list of authorised ingredients since it was not possible to prove these three additives were not harmful.