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Happening or appearing at regular intervals:
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By blending isochronic tones, solfeggio frequencies, and spoken guidance, the app is able to deliver a collection of over 350 unique tracks including a section devoted to sleep and Auto Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR), resulting in a rich universe of meditations to help individuals with their creativity, focus, and mindfulness.
(It helps, of course, that nursery rhymes are isochronic, with a regular chanted beat.) "There is nothing remarkable, therefore, about a two-year-old chanting the following rhyme with perfect metrical placing of the syllables,"
The map entitled Isochronic Passage Chart for Travellers, showing the shortest number of days journey from London by the quickest through routes and using such further conveyances as are available without unreasonable cost was originally published in the Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society in 1881.
It contains two layers of binaural beats, 3D audio processing, gentle rhythmic panning, isochronic sound pulses, and hypnotherapeutic guided meditations designed to move the listener from alpha brain waves, to theta, and down to the low delta brain waves of deep sleep.
Vandermeer, "Seasonal isochronic forcing of Lotka-Volterra equations," Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, vol.
More specifically, they incorrectly assume that clocks are objective tools of measurement (and thus removed from the field of political action), and are inherently tied to a time understood as an isochronic series of nows (and thus unable to represent time in more complex ways).
For the flat-space isochronic lightcones ds = 0 and d[OMEGA] = 0, from where we obtain
A sweep of EEG is usually short in length equivalent to the ISI of the corresponding isochronic stimulus-sequence.