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 (ī-sŏk′rə-nəl) or i·soch·ro·nous (-nəs)
1. Equal in duration.
2. Characterized by or occurring at equal intervals of time.

[From New Latin īsochronus, from Greek īsokhronos : īso-, iso- + khronos, time.]

i·soch′ro·nal·ly adv.
i·soch′ro·nism n.
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Adj.1.isochronous - equal in duration or interval; "the oscillations were isochronal"
equal - having the same quantity, value, or measure as another; "on equal terms"; "all men are equal before the law"


Happening or appearing at regular intervals:
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The failsafe controller also accommodates up to 128 drive axes, operates isochronously in 250 microseconds and has 10MB of memory.
1986) who suggested that with the maintenance of acid-base balance in the body, urea was isochronously synthesized with ammonia production so that nitrogen excretion remained constant.
The System/390 Parallel Enterprise Server provides transparent access to a variety of clients, and can deliver media files isochronously - in realtime, at consistently high speeds.