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Any of a large group of water-soluble antioxidant polyphenolic plant compounds, including the isoflavones, that are found chiefly in leguminous plants.
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A similar but more recent study did not find significant differences in soy protein intake or urinary excretion levels of daidzein or genistein between breast cancer cases and their controls in Shanghai; however, total isoflavonoid levels in urine were lower in the breast cancer cases (73).
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Rotenone, as an isoflavonoid of plant secondary metabolity, is the most important and effective insecticidal constituent of derris root, which was first isolated in 1895 [1], and it is a specific inhibitor of mitochondrial complex I by blocking electron transfer in nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide diaphorase-quinone (NADH-Q) reductase [2, 3].
Among the isoflavonoid biosynthesis genes of Sophorae Radix (Figure 2(d)), SfIFS was expressed at the highest levels in R, SL, ML, LL, and F but at lower levels in the stems, regardless of age.
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The most abundant defense substances in soybean are the flavonoid rutin and the isoflavonoid genistein (Hoffmann-Campo et al.
Genistin, a 7-0 glycoside form of the aglycone genistein [34], is involved in the isoflavonoid pathway and significantly accumulates in the roots during the course of water stress.
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