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Any of a large group of water-soluble antioxidant polyphenolic plant compounds, including the isoflavones, that are found chiefly in leguminous plants.
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The most abundant defense substances in soybean are the flavonoid rutin and the isoflavonoid genistein (Hoffmann-Campo et al.
Transcriptome analysis reveals a critical role of CHS7 and CHS8 genes for isoflavonoid synthesis in soybean seeds.
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gemmatalis feeding, identified and quantified the flavonoid rutin and isoflavonoid genistin in this genotype, substances that playa role in the plant defense to insects (Dixon and Steele 1999), which may be classified as attractive, repellent, deterrent or toxic to them (Hoffmann-Campo et al.
Processing of soy therefore seems to affect isoflavonoid metabolism and may need to be factored in when recommending exposure to isoflavones from soy foods.
Vegetable products such as genistein, a natural isoflavonoid found in soybean products, have been shown to inhibit NF-[kappa]B and induce apoptosis of tumor cells through partly mediating AKT pathway (39).
Kudzu root extract contains isoflavonoid phytoestrogen components such as daidzin, daidzein and genistein (Cherdshewasart 2008, Kang 2006) that may be responsible for its action.
Mechanisms of the growth inhibitory effects of the isoflavonoid biochanin A on LNCap cells and xenografts.