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 (ī′sō-găm′ēt′, -gə-mēt′)
A gamete that has the same size and structure as the one with which it unites.

i′so·ga·met′ic (-gə-mĕt′ĭk) adj.
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(Biology) a gamete that is similar in size and form to the one with which it unites in fertilization. Compare heterogamete
isogametic adj
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(ˌaɪ soʊˈgæm it, -gəˈmit)

one of a pair of conjugating gametes exhibiting no differences in form, size, structure, or sex.
i`so•ga•met′ic (-ˈmɛt ɪk) adj.
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a gamete that is not sexually differentiated from the other gamete with which it unites. Cf. heterogamete.
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Noun1.isogamete - either of a pair of conjugating gametes of the same size and structure
gamete - a mature sexual reproductive cell having a single set of unpaired chromosomes
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Eukaryotic sex can take place between mating types in isogametic species which lack the differentiation between microgametes or sperm and macrogametes or eggs, the distinction which defines male and female (or their functions in hermaphrodites).